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About Me

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I first stumbled across yoga over 10 years ago and I'll admit that my motivation was purely to gain a toned “yoga body”.   I don't believe there's anything wrong with saying that, we all have our reasons for coming to this practise!

It's only after having children that I noticed my reasons for coming back to the mat changed: while I still craved a dynamic workout I relished the sense of peace that came after.  This is when my journey into yoga really started and I credit my practise at this time as being the path that led me back to my centre after a huge lifestyle shift. 

I committed to my practise and completed my initial 200hr training with an Outstanding grade from renowned teacher Claire Missingham.  I continue to learn from Claire and other amazing teachers who inspire me to explore yoga more deeply and integrate it more wholly into my life.   In 2017 I completed a 100hr certification in Yin yoga, a style that I feel offers a great compliment to a more dynamic practise.

I believe that yoga is a means to discovering who we are, not who we feel we ought to be.  It's so easy to lose track of this with our frantic pace of life, especially during major life transitions, but yoga can help us rediscover and reconnect with ourselves.  For me yoga now is more than a physical practise, it's a way of life.  It has given me a sense of balance, perspective, patience and grace that has changed my outlook for the better.  

This is the yoga that I’m passionate about sharing.