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I’m Beccy

A London based yoga teacher, studio owner, mentor & lifelong student.

I’m passionate about encouraging more people to engage with yoga & see for themselves the many benefits it brings- whether that’s purely physical or more of a spiritual seeking. 

Regardless of how we work together I’m interested in empowering you to explore & develop your practise beyond the confines of the yoga mat. 

-How can you take the resilience, the release, the relief from the class out into the real world? 

-How can I support you to engage more fully in your life? 

What starts out as a simple stretch can go much deeper & the possibilities within that pose are endless.

This is what my practise has shown me & this is what I’d like to share with you.

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9am - Vinyasa Flow - Bind


10am - Vinyasa Flow - Bind

7.45pm- Vinyasa Flow - Bind


7.45-9pm - Yang to Yin - Bind

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