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A teacher mentoring programme

Supporting your development through purpose, process & practise

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You’ve taken the trainings, got the certification & now it’s time to start teaching!   

But first, let’s get that secret worry out in the open…

it’s been harder than you thought right?

While you have the skills, the passion & the desire to make this your career calling you just can’t seem to get your foot in the door of your favourite studios, or even people onto the mats in your own classes. 

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Maybe it’s that…

- you don’t know what to focus on first

- you feel intimidated & overwhelmed

- you’re starting to doubt yourself

- you’re struggling to get by

- you just want some support & clear guidance

If this sounds like you don’t be disheartened!  You are SO not alone in this.

For many of us the first steps into teaching are hugely removed from any other work we’ve done and so we’re not always clear on our necessary skills.  Marketing, self-promotion, time-management, money management are essentials in your business toolkit.  Then add in the personal skills of resilience, setting boundaries and self-care & you soon see that as a teacher, you have a lot more to think about than cuing up-dog, down-dog.

It seems a lot, and it is, but this is where I come in…

 In my teacher mentoring course you’ll learn the skills to drive your business forward through the foundations of Purpose, Process and Practise & receive personal feedback on everything we create together- marketing materials, class plans, design…

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Here’s how it works

Monthly focus- with a bonus break week after each module to allow time to embody & catch up if necessary

LIVE training videos

LIVE Q&A calls

Exercises to complete & personal feedback

24/7 support through our private members group

Personal catch up call prior to the course start & follow up call once completed.

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Here’s what we’ll cover


The root of everything & the foundation for your business. Do you know your “Why”? Your motivation? What are your goals & the over-riding vision for all you want to achieve?

With countless choices of where/how to teach your purpose focuses the field of opportunities to find what aligns best for you.

When your business is aligned with your purpose the clarity it brings is a game changer- you’ll free up the time and energy necessary to turn those visions into a reality.

You’ll learn

-       Your core values

-       How to create a business that aligns with your desires

-       How to manage imposter syndrome & the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back

-       Cultivating self-worth & your gifts as a teacher

-       Visioning your future business


Every business needs a plan, and now you’re clear on your mission we can break that down into clear, actionable steps and messages that will speak directly to your ideal students/market.

Being able to communicate who you are and what you offer is essential to building powerful messages & allowing you to work at what you love - it’s the difference between an engaged, supportive audience and shouting into the void with no return.

If you’re feeling like you’re wildly chasing every opportunity you’re heading down the path to burnout & frustration. Learning to target your resources in a way that is valuable and effective is key to your long-term success and fulfilment in your business.

You’ll learn

-       Which medium of teaching is right for you

-       How to communicate who you are to future students & colleagues

-       Managing your resources- what is (& isn’t!)  a good use of your time, energy & money

-       Creating content that will attract & inspire

-       Marketing your message- the what, where, how

-       How to build connection

-       Effective communication skills

-       Goal setting


The best businesses are those that are able to expand and evolve long-term & that’s what we’ll look at here. I’m not interested in teaching you only short-term strategies to get you started.

I’m here to show you how to build a sustainable, satisfying & enjoyable teaching business. One where you’re rewarded emotionally, spiritually & financially.

I want you to have the confidence to be selective in how you work & stay focussed on your purposeful goals.

You’ll learn

-       Money mindset- how to own your value

-       How to develop your voice as a teacher

-       Creating a balance in your work/life  

-       Setting boundaries & managing classroom dynamics

-       Essential self-care practises

- Staying on track



My Experience

As a parent, teacher, studio owner, consultant and mentor there are a lot of different strands to my business.   

In a short space of time I’ve built a strong community of students, sold out workshops & events, gained financial stability & pivoted my teaching timetable into the creation of my own studio.  This route isn’t for everybody but the skills I can teach you are.

I used to say that it was luck that got me to this point in my teaching journey, but I’ve come to realise it isn’t.  I work with a strong connection to my purpose, I refuse to compromise on my core values & I don’t feel the need to even think about chasing after every opportunity.   

I am here to show you how to adjust your effort & maximise your returns. I know this training will provide clear actionable steps to develop your business but I also hope it will show you that you should trust your own instincts & carve out a route that is uniquely yours.

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This course is for you IF…

- You’re trying to develop your teaching experience & business skillset

- You need help reaching your people

- You want to build a rewarding & sustainable career from your teaching

- You’re looking for personal support & guided action steps

- You want to get clear on what you’re trying to achieve & how you’ll get there

- You’re ready to be held accountable for your own success

Your investment in success

September 2019 options:

One off Payment- Best Value



3 Monthly Installments- Increased Flexibility



NB This is considered a business cost & can be offset against future tax returns

On top of everything outlined above you’ll also receive:

- Bonus content on class planning & sequencing

- Feedback on the marketing materials you create & your class plans

- A personal call to get very clear on your sticking points before we begin, and a follow up call when we finish to help keep you on track.

- An opportunity to teach at Bind Yoga & gain studio experience with feedback (where applicable)

Spaces are limited as this is hands-on approach with a high level of personal involvement.  We’ll build real relationships through this programme & I want you all to feel seen & supported.

At the end of this course you’ll feel confident in approaching your target groups, communicating your value to them and seeing bigger results from your efforts. You’ll have a stronger sense of purpose & the skills you need to create, develop & sustain your yoga business. Beyond this I hope you’ll also feel more empowered as a teacher & have the courage to carve out your own unique path.

It’s yours if you want it.


any Questions?

To find out more about the course, ease any worries about suitability or other payment options book a 15min discovery call & let’s talk them through together.