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Studio classes

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Whichever style you practise with me you can expect to be challenged, engaged and uplifted: we will work the whole body but with a goal to affect a deeper change within.  

I take a functional approach to alignment, recognising that our bodies are as unique as our lives and that there is no "one way" to practise any pose.  In class I use hands-on assists & adjustments to help prevent injury, experience the intended benefits and realise your full potential in the posture.  Modifications and options to the poses are offered throughout so the class can be tailored to the needs of your practise.


9am - Vinyasa Flow - Bind


10am - Vinyasa Flow - Bind

7.45pm- Vinyasa Flow - Bind


7.45-9pm - Yang to Yin - Bind

All classes can be booked & managed through the MINDBODY app, search Bind Yoga, or the website