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About my teaching…

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I strongly believe that while the practise can seem overwhelming or overly sombre at times, a yoga class should be a joyful experience.  I encourage you to explore the practise with playful creativity; together we'll push to the edge of what you thought possible, sometimes falling and sometimes flying but always with a smile! I want you to come with all your worries and doubts, experience a whole range of emotions but leave the class feeling lighter and happier than when you arrived.  This is the magic of yoga I want to share.

Yoga is for everybody and everyone is welcome in my classes.  Whether you practise once a day or once every now and again, whether you want to discover your spirituality or your handstand there’s a place for you in my class.  We all come to yoga for different reasons and at different levels and I fully support that.  We all start somewhere!

All classes can be booked & managed through the MINDBODY app, search Bind Yoga, or the website

If you have any questions about any of my classes please get in touch via the contact page