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See what my students say

"I started studying yoga primarily to complement my other training and undo some of the stiffness (damage) that it's given me.  In this respect Beccy has been fantastic, tailoring the sequences she gives me, with real insight, to suit my physique. 

Having spent some time studying Astanga in larger groups, I've found that getting one to one tuition has really improved my practise and I'm enjoying the flexibility of sequencing in Vinyasa." - Ryan (private student)

“Beccy is a brilliant teacher who clearly loves what she is doing, planning great classes that both support and challenge.  Classes you can take as seriously as you want whilst keeping a sense of humour & friendliness” - Rachel

"Beccy is a vey calming and enthusiastic teacher and our sessions are great... challenging, but great!

I'm looking to advance my practise and both my mind and body are always perfectly prepped to try things I thought I could never do. I have a bad knee and Beccy gives very useful modifications and alignment cues to counter this.

I really enjoy the inspiring messages used throughout. This is a really special touch" - Hannah (private student)

“I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the course. I've wanted to try yoga for years but had always found the idea of rocking up at a class really intimidating. Your approach, the sentiment of the studio/class and how it was all broken down by each week really helped build up my confidence and am looking forward to hopefully becoming a regular.” - Margaret (beginners course)

“Just a quick one to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop yesterday!

I thought it was a perfect structure with the right amount of warm up at the beginning and stretches at the end.

It did definitely remove (some ;) of my fear and I feel more confident now to keep trying in a safer way” - Helena (inversions workshop)

“Thank you so much for the beautiful experience the other evening. I got much more than i expected, my body has few aches but my heart is still feeling warm. I am looking forward to your next session already.” - Hari

“Amazing Yin session.  The music.  The lights.  Everything.  As soon as I walked in, I loved Yin.  Thank you Beccy” - Anita

“Always feel better after every session. Beccy is a methodical teacher who inspires students to persevere in their yoga practise.” Aurlyn

“I love this class.  Beccy has a lovely way of teaching. Highly recommend if you’re looking to start yoga”

“Really relaxing class.  Well thought out practise with great transitions between poses.  Beccy’s a really cool teacher” - Susie

“Great class, great guidance, really enjoyed it- even the bits I can’t manage!” - Zoe

“An excellent foundation course from Beccy. I found it really beneficial- she gives you the confidence to develop your own practise”